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UK Permits / Police Notifications / Movement Orders

UK Abnormal Load Ban Times And Restricti[...]
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For Abnormal Load Permits in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Denmark Italy etc - please see the 'EU Permits' tab above.


In the United Kingdom, if you require a permit to move an abnormal load, the haulier must notify his intention to move, giving the prescribed period of notice to the authorities. As long as no route variation is specified, the haulier is then free to move his load providing he is carrying the notification and any responses from the authorities. Convoi Exceptionnel Ltd will liaise with the relevant UK Police and Local Authorities and submit a notification for your exceptional transport on your behalf, obtaining your UK Abnormal Load Permit quickly and efficiently. Whether it's a wide-load notification, a heavy load, or a long load, we can do the work for you. If you'd like a price for this service just email and ask:


Download a UK Abnormal Load Vehicle Permit Application Form 

Permit Request Form from the links on the right, or scroll down on a mobile device (See below for forms in French and German)


A UK permit / notification is mandatory for abnormal loads if the overall dimensions exceed any of the following:  18.65m (rigid) length x 2.90m wide (if C&U, or 3.00m wide if STGO) or over C&U for weights.


A UK abnormal load permit is valid for up to 1 Month. Some UK Police forces only allow 1 day, or 10 days, but we will advise you of this when you request a quote / make an application. Abnormal load regulations require notification to each regional police and highway authority along the itinerary, including where applicable Bridge & Tunnel Authorities, Utility Companies, British Waterways etc.



An Abnormal Load permit / dispensation is only valid up to 5m. Anything wider will also require a Highway Authority VR1 Permit, which can usually be obtained within 1 week. Widths exceeding 6.1m will also require a Highway Authority Special Order BE16 Authorisation. Depending on the complexity of the movement, loads may require Police Assistance or Police Escort. A Self-escort car can be supplied by Convoi as an attendant to your transport if the load is over 3.50m.



An abnormal load permit is only valid up to 30.00m rigid length. Anything over this will also require a Highway Authority Special Order BE16 Authorisation, this Abnormal Load Permit can be obtained in 6-8 weeks maximum. If the transport is C&U other than for length (ie not more than 40000kgs on 5 axles or 44000kgs on 6 axles) then a Special Order permit is sometimes needed for a rigid length over 27.4m if the transport is particularly light in weight. The abnormal load will also require escorts and, depending on the complexity of the movement, a Route Survey and Police Assistance or Police Escort.



An Abnormal Load Permit is only valid up to 150,000kgs. Anything over this will also require a Highway Authorities Special Order BE16 Authorisation, which can be obtained within 6-8 weeks - often quicker.



There is no statutory limit governing the overall height of an abnormal load. However, if a vehicle has an overall height of 3 metres or above, a notice must be displayed in the cab showing its full height. If your transport is more than 4.95m high you may require a pilot car. In some circumstances, a route survey may be necessary to ensure your transport can pass under structures and cables safely at its running height. High loads may need to use a less direct route. If this involves using narrow roads or passing through towns or villages, the police may decide to prescribe a police escort.

Demande d’Autorisation T.E. dans le Royaume-Uni et/ou la République d’Irlande :
Convoi GB App form IN FRENCH for permit.[...]
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Antragsformular um Sondertransportgenehmigung in GB :
Convoi GB App form IN GERMAN for permit.[...]
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NL :  Exceptioneel Transport Service Verenigd Koninkrijk

Wanneer u ontheffingen nodig heeft, schroom dan niet en stuur een mailtje en vraag naar de mogelijkheden en de bijbehorende kosten. 


ITServizio di trasporto eccezionale Regno Unito. Licenze / Permessi e vetture pilota / scorta per carichi anomali in Inghilterra e in tutto il Regno Unito. 

Se ha bisogno di esenzioni, non esiti a inviare un'e-mail e a chiedere informazioni sulle possibilità e sui costi associati. 

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Apply to Notify your UK movement
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