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French Escort Car Services / Voitures Pilotes

French escort Car Driver Certification FIP or FCP  


French law now requires escort car drivers to be qualified to work with abnormal load transports in France. Arrêté of 2 May 2011, NOR: DEVT1109077A 

Convoi Exceptionnel Ltd only supplies escort cars in France with drivers who conform to this standard.





Convoi’s own escort car drivers all hold an FCP certificate.


It has long been the case that a “Chef de Convoi” has to be appointed for every transport running under the permit regulations. This designated person is responsible for the legal operation of each transport and also the route planning. In the case of a transport operator who can show that his driver speaks and reads French the Chef de Convoi is normally their driver. However, in the case that the driver does not speak and read French, the certified escort driver will normally assume this role.
In the case of rule infraction then the Chef de Convoi is jointly responsible together with the Truck Operator.


The conditions of the permit which are likely to be a cause of fines are as follows:

  • Running without a permit.
  • Running off route.
  • Exceeding the speed limit for convoi exceptionnels:
   Category 1  Category 2  Category 3
 Autoroute  80 km / hour  80 km / hour  60 km / hour
 National roads  60 km / hour  60 km / hour  50 km / hour
 Built up areas  50 km / hour  40 km / hour  30 km / hour
  • Exceeding permit dimensions.
  • Running without a qualified escort car.
  • Exceeding driving hours.
  • Absence of legal convoi marker signs (click here: French Convoi Markers) / lighting.
  • Disregard of any other permit regulations.

Additional information

  • From May 2016 the colour of all escort vehicles in France must be Yellow RAL 1004, RAL 1032 or equivalent.
  • As from January 2015 Police or other competent authority have the right to ask to see the FIP or FCP Certification of an escort driver.
  • In the case of non compliance the Escorter will not be allowed to continue and the transport will be immobilised until a suitably qualified Escorter is supplied.

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