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Please see below the rules, specification and costs for the sizes of the new signs which we are able to supply.  Our signs can be mounted over existing surfaces or easily attached to a frame.   convoy exceptionnel


The French regulations governing the marking and signing of Abnormal Loads was updated in the revision dated 26th November 2003.

At this time, the specification governing the quality of the materials to be used in the fabrication of the signs was upgraded to require the background material of the signs to be mounted on retro reflective material Class II to ECN104 standard. Flexible signs are no longer permitted and must be rigid and capable of standing in a vertical plane.



The CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL boards above are designed to be used in France and Belgium


Belgian Marker Boards : 42cm square, red and white stripes, made of diamond grade reflective material.

For Belgium, these markers must be fitted at the top corners with white marker lights to the front, and red lights to the rear. The diamond grade material of these signs is marked by the manufacturer, AND the homologation mark from the Belgian Ministry is incorporated onto the white lines.


Please call or email to ask regarding our current prices for width markers 42x42 with official Belgian ministry homologation. 

Abnormal Load Notification Directory


Fill in the order form & post or email to order.


Convoi Exceptionnel Ltd publish the HTA Abnormal Load Notification Directory. With a 10% discount for HTA members. For price information, download the Notification Guide Order form from the links on the right.


Abnormal Load Notification Guide

Summary of Directory contents:

  • The abnormal load notification guide contains all Police Abnormal Load Office addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses needed to notify your abnormal load movement.
  • Complete list of numbers to call for police escort or during self escort of your abnormal load
  • All Local Authority direct phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses
  • All details of London Borough Councils
  • Full details of British Rail, British Waterways, Electricity Boards and Gas Boards
  • Ports & Harbour Boards, Tunnel & Bridge Authorities
  • Department of Transport details for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Directory is supplied in a ring folder to allow pages to be updated easily. It is up to date on the day of ordering. Due to the regularity of changes to abnormal load contact details, our update service is available at just £5 a quarter in PDF format. Fully updated pages are supplied which can then be printed out and replaced in your Directory.




Other publications include:

  • A5 Handbook. Police contacts only.
  • A0 Counties / Regions wall map

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Order Forms:

Apply to Notify your UK movement
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Apply for a European permit
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Order an HTA Ab Load Notification Directory
Full contact details for notifying abnormal loads - Police, County Councils, Ports etc
ORDER FORM, PRICES 2016 Abnormal Load Di[...]
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